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Skills, Speed & Agility


September - November 2023

Wednesday   4:45pm - 6:00pm

$20.00 per session

Ages 5 - 14 

Contact for questions or more information.

Location: Texas LoneStars Practice Facility, 7611 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75225 (across from NorthPark Mall). 


The Texas LoneStars Soccer Club offers Skills, Speed & Agility training at the Texas LoneStars training facility. Skills training includes footwork, dribbling, moves to beat opponents, passing and overall ball mastery. Speed & Agility training develops quickness and acceleration. It's essential in any sport to be able to have quick feet & speed. In soccer specifically, it allows athletes to win 50/50 balls, excel in 1v1 situations, make quick runs on and off the ball, and to be an overall faster soccer player. Our speed training program will develop the muscle movements and bursts of acceleration needed to excel in sports.