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Soccer Skills and Creativity

By Texas LoneStars, 01/07/18, 10:45AM CST


Texas LoneStars teaches creativity and decision-making – not coaching it out of players like most DFW Soccer Clubs.

Luis Suarez is a fascination. Why? Because he’s something virtually unseen in soccer – a player who is unpredictable and creative. It’s hard to deny that there’s something remarkable about Suarez; a quality rarely produced by the Big Soccer Clubs in DFW.

Where's the creativity in DFW soccer? The lack of creativity in DFW soccer is a serious issue and will continue as long as the training systems remain as they are. The Big Soccer Clubs are very structured, regimented and analytical in their approach to development.

Players who possess creative flair are pressured to change so that they fit the norm. The system neglects creativity. Skill, expression and creativity have been looked on negatively by Big Clubs who value structure, organization and conformity. A coaching culture has developed which has these ideas and beliefs at its core, and players that show skill and creativity usually have it coached out of them.

Players are often coached to limit their skill and craft, not to maximize it. They are coached not to experiment, in order to avoid mistakes. Big Clubs have become places of conformity. However, many of the greatest players, the geniuses of the game, were and are often non-conformists - they have their own style.

Texas LoneStars coaches give players the opportunity to develop into creative, special, unique individuals. Players can think for themselves, make a difference. Be special. Be unique. It’s the focus of our soccer club. Players develop their skills and creativity, and - most importantly - their intelligence and decision making. Coaches allow players to express and try things.

Texas LoneStars teaches independence, creativity and decision-making. We have structure, too, of course, but the emphasis is on maximizing skill, and using it – not coaching it out of players.